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Raymond Christian's storytelling is born out of his own life experiences: inner city poverty, race relations, military, family, travel, and adventure.
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Dec 30, 2016

In this episode Ray examines the nature of Black American assimilation into White culture

Sep 19, 2016

What, when, how, and why Blacks learned in the US as well as what others were taught about them, from the slave quarters to HBCU’s.

Jul 26, 2016

What happens after death?  Not in the metaphysical, existential sense. But quite literally, what happens after death?  The history of the handling of bodies of Black decedents has been filled with interesting twists and turns, from blatant desecration to unusual rituals. Explore this topic with me in this episode of What's Ray Saying?

Jul 18, 2016

This special episode marks a dividing line between the old and new, where you were and where you're going, what was and what will be.  Follow the journey from "seasoning" of slaves, to the life of a domestic worker in the 60's to current questions of assimilation and acculturation.

Jun 14, 2016

From the birth of this nation until today, this episode explores the complexities of life as a soldier of color in the US.

May 11, 2016

This episode is about food stamps and gov'ment cheese, what it meant, how it helped, how we felt about it then, and what we think about it now.

Apr 21, 2016

This episode is a literal discussion of skin color- the range of visual nuances of appearances that we consider "Black", how those divisions came to be and their many implications. From the paper bag test and one drop rule to Rachel Dolezal, who is Black and why?

Apr 2, 2016

In this premiere episode, Ray details the hardships that Blacks experienced after slavery and explores the themes and patterns of struggle that continued through the generations and into his own life.

This episode contains special music by Beej Gordy Brooks and cameo "appearances" by Kevin Allison and Kristina Wong.

Mar 26, 2016

Want to know what this podcast is all about? Listen to Ray, the host, share a little of his vision and focus for the show as well as a little about himself.